Visit the Monastery

Saint Benedict’s Monastery is open for guests and visitors. It is a great place to bring school children for field trips or civic groups for tours that provide an introduction to the cultural, architectural and religious significance of the monastery.

Monasteries are no longer (not for more than half a century) cloistered places where monks and Sisters live beyond the eye of the public. Especially since Vatican II in 1960–62, the monastery has been open to laypeople, a welcoming place for people to join us in prayer and partner with us in ministry. Come and explore the monastery and its grounds, on your own or with a group.

An Independent Visit

A visit to the monastery can include a program or even overnight stay at the Spirituality Center or hermitage, or can be a short tour with an introduction to our spaces and their history by one of our Sisters. We recommend you schedule your tour around our 11:30 noon prayer and join us for communal prayer in our Oratory.

To begin any visit to the monastery, check in at our information desk in the Gathering Place attached to the sanctuary of Sacred Heart Chapel. There you can get advice on what to see and pick up a map of our campus.

Or you can plan your visit by downloading a copy of the map.  See the link at the bottom of this page.

School and Community Groups

Each year, school and community groups come to the monastery for field trips and tours. A group visit can include a visit to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, and to our cemetery, where more than 1,000 Sisters are buried, including our foundress, Mother Benedicta Riepp. Learn about the architecture and renovation of Sacred Heart Chapel, originally built in 1914, and visit our Dining Room and Oratory. Learn about artists and artisans in the monastery (and make a craft) at the Art and Heritage Place, visit the Whitby Gift Shop and tour the exhibit at the Haehn Museum.

To schedule a field trip or tour, contact:

Sister Cecelia Prokosch
Hospitality Coordinator

Monastery Campus Map