Saint Scholastica Convent


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Saint Scholastica Convent is the retirement and assisted living facility for the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict. It is located in St. Cloud, Minn., near Highway 10, tucked behind St. Benedict’s Senior Community.




At Saint Scholastica Convent, care is given to the Sisters who require living assistance. This care is provided in a monastic environment that follows a home-care style model. The Sisters enjoy the beautiful landscape on the edge of the city. The architecture affords them access to outside spaces and a lovely chapel with elements that echo Sacred Heart Chapel. At Saint Scholastica the Sisters live in small living groups, many of them in apartments along the “angel wings” added in 1998. They also pray the Liturgy of the Hours three times a day and celebrate daily Eucharist as they always have. Access to St. Cloud makes it possible to take advantage of cultural opportunities and the wonderful collections of the nearby St. Cloud Library. Many of the Sisters continue to make crafts for sale by Monastic Enterprises, and two popular sales, one in November and one in March, are held each year in the lobby.



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